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  • Vacuum Pump

    (Intermitten Duty) Vacuum pump

         $610.50 USD, FOB *

    (Continuous duty) Vacuum pump

         $998.80 USD, FOB *

  • Pressure Regulator

         $620.40 USD, FOB *

    Pressure Regulator
  • Oxygen Analyzer

         $388.30 USD, FOB *

    Oxygen Analyzer
  • Inner Storage Shelf

         $110.00 USD, FOB *

  • Lamp

         $165.00 USD, FOB *

  • Electrolyte Filling Machine

         $8,140.00 USD, FOB *

    Electrolyte Filling Machine
    This machine is semi-automatic, and is designed for filling prismatic pouch cells or cylindrical cells like 18650 cells with electrolyte. This machine fills exact amount of electrolyte into each cell repeatably, and the amount of the electrolyte in (ml) is adjustable for different sizes of the cells.
    OPERATION : After the adjustment is set, the cell is placed into the holder and operator pushes the "Start" button. The cell is then lifted automatically by the machine upward, close to the nozzle, where the electrolyte is injected into the cell, and then the cell is lowered by the machine into the original position, to be removed by the operator for a next sealing step. The whole operation is done in a glove box under an inert atmosphere.

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