The glove box, as shown, costs 1/3 of the price of competitors’ same or similar size, used or new, metal glove boxes.

Our glove boxes are constructed from lightweight, non-corrosive, inert and durable welded materials, and are intended for light duty work, lab or production in an inert gas atmospheres, such as argon, nitrogen, or helium.

They are essential for research and development of lithium batteries, ultra-capacitors, and other electrochemical devices, as well as pharmaceutical, medical and chemical research and production, when protection of personnel and/or materials is needed. Easy removable front window is a standard feature.

These boxes are also ideal for low cost dry materials storage at room or cold temperatures, such as powders. Gas purity of approximately 50 PPM is maintained by purging gas under low pressure through the bubbler on the top of the box. A higher purity can be achieved by easily connecting our glove box to a commercially available purification system. Only two additional holes would be needed.

The boxes can withstand gas temperature up to 120Ů’ C, but are intended to work mostly in close to room temperature, or lower. If hot plates are used inside, it is required to place them on a large heat resistant and insulating pad. This glove box is not made for work with molten metals and high temperature materials. Even with a stainlesss steel floor insert, it is not recommended.

Full vacuum ante chamber with plumbing is included. Low cost vacuum pumps can be additionally purchased from Hydrogen Electrics.

Other additional/optional components are available: The pressure regulator, oxygen analyzer, shelf and lamp. Two stage low pressure regulator is necessary and must be designed for selected gasses. Gas pressure must be adjusted to comfortable level for working with gloves shown.

When vacuuming the ante chamber, operator must close the inert gas valve (on the left side of the vacuum valve) to prevent damage to the gloves.

The box should be placed on a suitable steady table or bench (not included). Custom designed dry glove boxes, modular and/or having different dimensions are also available upon request with specifications. Just ask for a quote from our engineering department.

We believe strongly that you and your company will enjoy working with our clean, simple and user friendly glove boxes.

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Thank you for your interest and business.

Joseph B. Kejha,

Picture of President of Hydrogen Electrics, Joseph B. Kejha